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If there is a technology that businesses tend to take at face value, it’s their Wi-Fi solution. However, as with any solution, there are considerations to take concerning security and its proper implementation.

Get a better understanding of Wi-Fi with our FREE e-book, Wireless Network Infrastructure, and get the most out of your solution.

Wi-Fi is becoming faster, more reliable, and more required in the workplace.. After all, connecting mobile devices and workstations to the Internet wirelessly allows for an increase in mobility within the office, promoting productivity and collaboration. However, while Wi-Fi may seem to be a one-size-fits-all solution, there are different varieties, each better suited to fulfilling different needs.

The same goes for the numerous capabilities that mobile carriers tout while advertising their phones. What’s the difference between Wi-Fi and 4G, and for that matter, what’s the difference between 4G and 4G LTE? Most importantly, which can best serve your business? To make the choice of solution that’s best for you, these are questions that will need to be answered. Wireless Network Infrastructure can get you on the right track to finding those answers.

What you’ll learn:

  • What Wi-Fi is and how it works.
  • What the difference between 4G and 4G LTE is and why it matters.
  • How to optimize your Wi-Fi to your business’s needs.

Wireless Network Infrastructure provides an introduction to the lesser-known details of Wi-Fi, its varieties, and how your solution could impact your business. For your FREE download, fill out the form.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Free Wireless Network Infrastructure

This ebook is for you if:

  • Quality of your voice connection is a top priority
  • Connection dependability is critical to business functionality
  • You are looking for a voice solution that is reliable and easy to troubleshoot
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