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Should Your Small Business Consider Hybrid Cloud Solutions? 


Author: MJ Shoer

hybrid cloud solutionsWhat is a Hybrid Cloud Solution?

A hybrid cloud uses service from both a private cloud and a public cloud, together, to create a unified computing environment. Many companies choose to use a hybrid cloud for its flexibility and many data deployment options.

Business News Daily predicted in its 50 Small Business Trends and Predictions for 2016 that more small businesses would adopt hybrid cloud strategies. In the report, Karl Robinson, CCO of StratoGen, said: “Given the frustrations C-level executives have in cloud technology, we may start to see a move toward small businesses wanting to have a tighter grip of their cloud hosting. Therefore, we could see the adoption of more private and hybrid cloud-hosting solutions, which can enable companies to feel more in control and assured by having a solution solely for their own data and applications rather than for multiple organizations.”

Why Small Businesses Are Moving Toward Hybrid Cloud Solutions

  • Compliance issues, security restrictions and risk –

    The hybrid cloud offers the security, governance and compliance capabilities of the private cloud that many companies require. One of the top reasons companies avoid the cloud is due to security concerns. With the hybrid cloud, these security concerns are mitigated as businesses receive the benefits of both the private and public cloud. Plus, when you use a hybrid cloud, you spread the risk across multiple providers. Should one be compromised you can shift responsibility to the other.

  • Cost –

    One of the main benefits of the hybrid cloud is the potential to reduce operational expenditures thanks to the scalability it offers.

  • Scalability –

    With a hybrid cloud you have unlimited resources at your fingertips should your business see a spike in demand. For large data projects the hybrid cloud is ideal as it can scale up in size to accommodate the increase in data, whereas an in-house server may not have the capacity, consequently incurring additional hardware costs.

  • Disaster recovery and backup –

    For small businesses, this is an especially important benefit. With the hybrid cloud, disaster recovery and backup is much cheaper than with traditional IT infrastructure and downtime is typically much shorter, in some cases even at zero percent.

  • Innovation –

    The ability to innovate faster and at a lower cost is made possible by the hybrid cloud, which gives IT the tools and capabilities they require

Before You Take the Leap to the Hybrid Cloud

While there are a number of benefits offered through hybrid cloud solutions, if implemented incorrectly, small businesses could see severe implications that cancel out those many benefits. That’s why it is important to fully understand how the hybrid cloud will work for your business. Before you take the leap to the hybrid cloud, first ensure that you have:

  • API compatibility and management support
  • Strong network connectivity
  • A plan for application migration
  • A thorough understanding of the cost benefits for your company and important factors such as load balancing and I/O requirements

By consulting with an IT managed service provider you can ensure that you are equipped to make the move to the hybrid cloud and confirm that it is the best choice for your small business.

At I&T we have more than 50 years of combined experience in telecommunications, Internet technology, wireless and information technology. Among other services offered, we help business both large and small with cloud migration. Discover how we can help your business by speaking with one of our IT experts.


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