What makes Internet and Telephone's equipment different? Watch now.


We like to think of Internet & Telephone as the professional organization. We have put in place a lot that allows us to go above and beyond for our customers as opposed to some of our competitors. From the tool sets that we use and that we’ve paid good money for, to the certification programs that we have for our technicians, we utilize some best-of-breed industry tools to help us manage and maintain our customers’ health and networks starting with a product known as ConnectWise. It’s installed at over 30,000 solution providers worldwide. This is our customer resource management tool, our trouble ticketing system, our inventory system, the inventory of our customers’ networks. We can tell a customer every single executable that they have on any computer, when that executable was loaded onto the computer, and if that executable was ever taken off of the computer.


In conjunction with those tool sets, we use several RMM tools—remote monitoring and maintenance tools—that allow us to remotely manage our customers’ networks. So our goal is, again, in being proactive; if we see a server go down at midnight, we want to have that server up by 8 in the morning when all our customers’ employees are coming into work so they continue to be productive.


Certified Technicians

We’re the only service provider I know who pays their technicians based upon their certification. So we are very interested in mentoring our internal technicians. On a minimum they have to get an extra certification per year, whether that’s a Microsoft security certification, whether it’s a Cisco security certification. So we are educating the technicians that are going to be working on your site.



We carry errors and omissions insurance, we carry liability insurance, we carry cyber security insurance. So that if one of our customers is irreparably damaged by something one of our technicians does, we have the ability to sustain that.