What makes an affordable backup solution for your cloud setup? Watch now!


Customers ask us all the time what their cloud strategy should be, and the answer is: it depends on their business. But the one thing we promise everybody is down the road, your applications will be in the cloud. So we spend time up front analyzing their particular applications, what their software requirements are, and what their user requirements are. And then, in addition to a primary internet connection, we make sure there’s a backup connection. We have access to tools that let us know every building in New England, where they have fiber, where they have cable, where they have co-ax, and where they have traditional T3 technology. We work on a cloud strategy so that they’ve got a primary connection into the cloud and a backup connection that’s affordable for when the primary connection goes down. And that’s really important, because having all of your data in the cloud is great… until your connection goes down. We make sure there’s a backup so that all those expensive applications and all that expensive payroll is able to still be productive even when your primary connection is down.