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Tech Multiplier Book

I wrote my first book, Hassle-Free Computer Support, in 2006.  The book was very well received and has been read by thousands of business people interested in making better use of technology in their businesses.


When the opportunity presented itself to write another book, I, together with several of the world’s leading technology consultants, jumped at the chance.  The Tech Multiplier features contributed chapters from fourteen other technology entrepreneurs that I have a tremendous amount of respect for.  Together, we collectively service thousands of small business across the United States of America and Canada.  These small businesses cross nearly all industries and range from start-up size to very mature companies with hundreds and in some cases, thousands of computer users.

Together with industry colleagues Robin Robins, Jennifer Bleam, Bill Ooms, Jeff Brodie, Chris Wiser, Frank Ballatore, Dan Donathan, John Motazedi, Linda Lynch, Dan Izydorek, Diana Spurgus, Fred Reck, Peter Verlezza and Jeanmarie Richardson, we have published The Tech Multiplier working with publisher Celebrity Press of Winter Park, Florida.  The book releases on January 24, 2013 on Amazon.com and will be available, initially, in hard cover and shortly thereafter in Kindle format as well.  The Tech Multiplier will also be available at Barnes & Noble.  At $19.95, it’s a bargain!  There are literally tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of experience within the pages of this book.

Just look at this information rich Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 ………. Align Your Network With Your Goals

Chapter 2 ………. Are Your IT Needs Being Adequately Served?

Chapter 3 ………. Customer Service Makes All The Difference

Chapter 4 ………. Using Technology to Manufacture Time and Print Money

Chapter 5 ………. Pros and Cons Of Moving To The Cloud

Chapter 6 ………. It’s Cloudy Enough Without All The Fog…

Chapter 7 ………. How Good Is Your IT Support?

Chapter 8 ………. Technology & Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Chapter 9 ………. Outsourcing: The Key To Small Business Survival In A Darwinian World

Chapter 10 …….. How To Make Sure Your Computer Consultant Is An Asset To Your Company And Not A Liability!

Chapter 11 …….. The SMB Checklist

Chapter 12 …….. Using Integrated Technology To Enhance Your Business

Chapter 13 …….. Recovery, There’s An App For That!

Chapter 14 …….. Cloud Nine: Elevating Your Business To The Cloud Frontier

We are living in a world where the ancient concept of “only change is constant” still rules – perhaps nowhere is this more important than in the world of computers.

Add to this the necessity to keep our businesses functioning at an efficient level of productivity, and you have a major requirement for computer expertise on demand.  In fact, hiring the wrong computer expert or consultant in business, however well intended, can easily spell disaster.

That’s why I wish to share this book with you.  Along with my colleagues, we have specific areas of knowledge and expertise we have used to analyze situations and advise our clients.  We have extensive proven experience and education in integrating, implementing and changing systems.  We discuss how to blend operators, equipment and systems, as well as explore disaster recovery systems and the “Cloud.”

Choosing a consultant becomes a decision that relies on that person or group to quickly, accurately and competently manage system implementation or change.  We have the expertise and experience that can guide you.  We want to share this knowledge with you.  That’s what we’re here for.

I’m personally, very proud to have received an Editor’s Choice award from Celebrity Press for my work on this book.  I hope you will enjoy it and I welcome your feedback at any time.  Feel free to reach out to me at .

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Five Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing an IT Managed Services Provider

This eBook is for you if:

  • You are searching for a managed services provider that fits your business, but not sure where to start
  • You are a small business wondering if you can benefit from managed services
  • You are a medium business with growing security challenges
  • You want to find a managed services provider that is a partner, not just a vendor
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