Find out what the cloud is and what it takes to make an enterprise level cloud work.


What is the Cloud?

Clients have very fundamental questions on what is the cloud. The cloud is your data that’s anywhere other than your office or on your computer. So that could be an Internet & Telephone cloud data center in New England that’s backed up to a facility of ours in Washington state. That’s a great cloud strategy. What we’ve found is some people’s data is on a server in an IT office somewhere in a basement with a co-ax connection. That’s a really bad cloud strategy because it’s a recipe for disaster. Customers need to know that there’s a lot of differences in cloud providers. We help clients understand the difference between an enterprise or business class cloud strategy versus something that might fail them for some basic reasons. So not all clouds are equal.


Not All Clouds are Equal

Collocation facilities could be here in New England. That’s a really good thing for most of our clients. It means that when you’re going out to access your application you have less miles to traverse. It means better ping times, quick responses, and a better experience. Collocation facilities in Houston or Los Angeles and elsewhere in the country have a great place to play in the cloud discussion. We want to make sure there are multiple clouds that have backed up your data from one primary to a backup location. And when we first start working with clients and understand their cloud needs, what we find is a lot of them were misled, and they thought the cloud was something that it really isn’t. So it’s a very important part of a corporate strategy, but it’s something that’s very important to be aware about as well. At Internet & Telephone, we make sure that you understand the cloud, how it can benefit your business, what the cost is, and how it can impact your bottom line.