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Alexa, Should I be Worried about You?

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Author: MJ Shoer

“Alexa, what time are the Red Sox playing today?”  If you have an Amazon Echo, it’s likely that you are.  Not to be left behind, Google Home is another digital assistant and it answers to “Hey Google.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has hit the mainstream.  Apple started the Google Homeinnovation with Siri, the voice activated digital assistant on the iPhoneMicrosoft didn’t wait too much longer to follow on with Cortana, the digital assistant build in the Windows 10 and available as an app on iOS and Android.  Not to be outdone, Samsung introduced Bixby, which will be featured heavily on the newly introduced Galaxy 8, though there appear to be a few snags with its initial release.

Voice technology of late has been limited to dictation in the markets of healthcare and legal.  All of these new technologies promise advances that may one day make us feel like we are in Star Trek, getting things completed with only our voice.  This is just another technological evolution that will greatly impact the course of human interaction and connectivity.


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