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IT Consulting

IT Consulting

IT consultants are the natural evolution of a systems analyst and a computer technician. IT consultants perform high-level administration tasks along with the actual work, while being able to interact with clients. The experienced IT consultants at Internet and Telephone have detailed knowledge of the higher function of computer and telephone systems, with the practical knowledge that comes from physically working on the systems. Internet and Telephone IT consultants believe in customer service and strive to surpass client expectations.

Businesses that seek out a reliable and experienced IT consulting company in Massachusetts will find working with Internet and Telephone is a collaborative effort that demonstrates dedication to clients and service. At Internet and Telephone our IT consulting services encompass analyzing what a business needs from their computer and telephone systems, to crafting a plan to achieve those goals while making systems more efficient, enhancing a company’s overall productivity.

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IT consulting services to assess your business’ computer and telephone systems include:

The ability to reduce IT costs

IT consulting services can assist your company in reducing in-house IT costs allowing for dramatic savings in operations costs.

Incentive to focus on a company’s prime directive without distraction

Internet and Telephone IT consultants can recommend an IT management plan that will remove the worry and distraction of IT-related issues from employees allowing for more focus on what a company does best.

Increased employee productivity

Employees will be more effective because their IT issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently creating less stress, which results in more productivity.

Decreased downtime across all departments

In-house IT departments can become bogged down with IT minutiae, making them unable to work strategically. IT professionals are dedicated to restoring computer and telephone services with haste.

Maintaining a technological edge over competition

As a leading Massachusetts IT consulting company, Internet and Telephone’s services always include the latest in technological innovations, making these services available to our clients and providing them with an edge over competitors.

Accessible professional IT Support Technicians

Internet and Telephone’s professional IT technicians are available for immediate resolution of IT problems.

Accessible IT Support Resources

Friendly help desk personnel are only a phone call away to walk you through issues.

These are not the only benefits of using Internet and Telephone as your IT consultant in Boston. Other incentives include reduced overhead, increased efficiency, scalability, accountability, and tailored services. A dedicated IT consulting team in Boston will customize an IT management service plan that will fit your business’ needs, budget, and expectations. Not every business needs daily IT services, so eliminating an in-house IT department will save your company money while increasing productivity as a result of not being distracted by an unnecessary department, leaving them free to focus on what they do best.

Imagine having a dedicated team of IT experts on hand to solve any computer or telephone system problem regardless of size. The reduced stress level alone is reason to contact us today. Now add in the knowledge that the performance of IT systems are the responsibility of Internet and Telephone’s dedicated and dependable IT team.

To learn about how Internet and Telephone can save your business money and reduce your stress with the support of an experienced IT team, contact us today.

Client Testimonial

“Switching to Internet & Telephone has been outstanding for my company. Their technicians quickly and effectively solved all of the networking and work-station issues we were encountering before.

I am very satisfied with the level of service I have received from Internet & Telephone. Their ability to quickly respond to my company’s issues is a great improvement over our last provider. We now rely on Internet & Telephone for all of our IT needs, and I would recommend Internet & Telephone to anyone.”

Dave Baeder
OpenBox Technologies
Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Five Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing an IT Managed Services Provider

This eBook is for you if:

  • You are searching for a managed services provider that fits your business, but not sure where to start
  • You are a small business wondering if you can benefit from managed services
  • You are a medium business with growing security challenges
  • You want to find a managed services provider that is a partner, not just a vendor
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