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Green IT Seminar a Hit

Green IT

Author: MJ Shoer

Thanks to everyone who attended our Green IT seminar yesterday.  We had a series of great presentations from yours truly, Xerox, e-Waste Recyclers and The Green Alliance.

I spoke about the various things we are doing here at Jenaly to be more green.  Everything from office recycling to improved power management and virtualization.  You can learn more about our green initiatives at our Green IT page on our web site.

Xerox gave an engaging presentation about their innovative solid ink technology and how it saves money and is very environmentally friendly.  Check out the enteraining video below, that really drives home the solid ink message.

We also learned about Xerox DocuShare document management technologies and how Xerox overall approach to sustainability has become a cornerstone for their business.  It’s one of the main reasons Jenaly has partnered with Xerox, as we have a lot of respect for their sustainability initiatives.

e-Waste Recyclers gave an interesting presentation about what really happens with a lot of electronic waste and the importance of using a legitimate and accredited recycler.  Check out the video below.  Once you watch this, you will never throw another electronic device in the trash…not to mention it’s illegal to do so in most areas now.

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Finally, The Green Alliance presented an overview of this innovative organization and how they can help businesses understand sustainability and realistically improve their business practices to be better members of their communities.

It was a very informative afternoon.  Attendees were treated to some excellent snacks and beverages thanks to the outstanding staff at fellow Green Alliance member, Roberts Maine Grill and each pre-registered attendee received a special gift, a Belkin Conserve surge suppressor, to help kick start their own Green IT efforts.

Thanks again to all who attended.


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