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Does Green IT Really Have An ROI?

Green IT

Author: MJ Shoer

It’s a very fair question.  Heather Clancy, one of the industries most respected journalists (and someone I like to call a friend) posted a great piece about this today on her blog, GreenTech Pastures.  Heather points to several interesting facts, many based on a recent report by Computer Economics that points to the hard ROI being difficut to quantify, which I agree with.

However, whether the ROI is easily measured in dollars is one thing.  Whether adopting Green IT practices is the right thing to do is another entirely.  Heather quotes some interesting statistics related to small and large company’s adoption of Green IT.  While it’s clear that large organizations are the most active in this space, small businesses have plenty to be proud of.

I look at our own client base as a representative sampling of the overall small business community.  I find the Northeast region, New England in particular, to be an interesting paradox of traditional Yankee conservatism mixed with some very progressive elements.  Initiatives like Green IT have traction in this region of the country.  Many of our clients came to us over a year ago asking what they could do to “green up”.  Some were motivated to cut their energy costs, others wanted to prolong the life of their IT investments and others just felt it was the right thing to do.  Regarless of the reason, Green IT is making a positive difference, even if it is not in direct financial measures to the bottom line.


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