Common email service requests from customers. When your exchange server goes down, you want top experts working on the problem fast!


Exchange Server

One of the most common questions that our customers have are regarding their email. If they stop getting email or lose the functionality to send email, we need to troubleshoot that immediately, especially if it’s affecting the entire company. The first thing to look at is your exchange server. We find that, very commonly, your exchange server is the problem. Maybe you just simply need to archive; maybe there’s a problem with the server itself. But you’re going to have to take a look at that first to make sure that you have a consistent flow of email on a regular basis for you and your employees.


Email Distribution Groups

A very common request we get from our customers is to build an email distribution group. What an email distribution group does is it allows for any member of their team to send an email to a large group of people within the corporation, but not everyone at the same time—only the people that are actually needed for that group.


VPN Connection

So you have offsite workers that need to access your network remotely. Setting up a VPN connection is a very quick and easy way to set that up securely so they have access to your network just as you do from within the office.