How important is having a secure cloud infrastructure? Find out now!


Our clients all want to talk about the cloud, whether they’re just new to the concept or whether they’ve been in IT for years. So we encourage them to call us, and we’ll have a consultation on what the best cloud options for them are, what the best timing is, and what the cost will be to implement a cloud strategy for their business. So that could be an Internet & Telephone cloud data center in New England that’s backed up to a facility of ours in Washington state. That’s a great cloud strategy. What we’ve found is some people’s data is on a server in an IT office somewhere in a basement with a co-ax connection. That’s a really bad cloud strategy because it’s a recipe for disaster. We want to make sure that the data is secure, that there’s multiple access and egress points into the cloud and out, and that the cloud itself is a world-class facility with backup power, physical security, as well as internet security. So helping clients figure out what the cloud configurations are is a really important part of our job.


If you can access your data somewhere in the Web, so can bad people. So we want to make sure that all your data stays secure. And we talk a lot about Cisco security and web security and making sure that your data stays confidential, that it’s accessible to your customers how they want it, that your employees can get into their data when they want it, and that we track everyone who’s going into and out of your secure data. So the cloud is a really important technology; it’s a very important fundamental starting point for an IT discussion, but understanding differences between cloud providers and cloud connections is important to every business, and those are questions that every business owner needs to understand.