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Discover your new Boston IT Consulting Partner.

Discover your new Boston IT Consulting Partner.

Businesses need comprehensive IT systems that support company goals in order to remain competitive. However, the expense of maintaining an in-house IT department is often too high, leaving these businesses with IT personnel who lack the appropriate experience. Maintaining a dedicated IT staff is simply too cost prohibitive and time consuming for smaller companies. The answer is to outsource the care and upkeep of your IT infrastructure to Internet and Telephone.

Internet and Telephone provides Boston IT consulting to analyze and identify the budget, needs, and expectations of your business in order to customize an ideal IT service package.

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The benefits of hiring Internet and Telephone to manage your IT services, include:

Time to Focus on the Business Core

Businesses evolve from a concept or idea that they have strived to perfect and present. Issues affecting IT systems distract attention from the primary purpose of the business while consuming time, energy, and money, which ultimately decreases productivity. Bringing on Internet and Telephone, a premier Boston IT consulting firm, will give your company advice and direction on the type of IT infrastructure your business needs to perform at its best while offering solutions that free your company from the worries associated with IT issues.

Better Control Over Operating Expenses

Internet and Telephone presents businesses with a predictable cost-structure for their IT expenses. In business (and small business in particular) every dollar counts, and the ability to streamline IT expenses allows a business to better control their operating expenses. The average business saves between 25 and 50 percent off their IT budget by outsourcing versus if they hired a full-time IT employee. The full-time employee also comes with additional costs such as training, vacation time, sick days, and other issues, which are removed from the equation by hiring Internet and Telephone as your Boston IT consultant. With Internet and Telephone your costs are fixed and controlled.

Access to Experienced Technicians

The IT field is complex and constantly changing, meaning that very few in-house IT departments have the time to keep pace. As your IT consulting company in Boston, Internet and Telephone offers clients access to a highly-trained staff that is current on all of the latest technology. Our technicians are certified by Microsoft, Cisco, EMC ,VMWare and other major providers.

Your business will also benefit from the collaborative scale and purchasing power, on-demand resources, reduced downtime, increased productivity, competitive edge, access to otherwise unavailable vendor support, and a host of other benefits. If you’re considering the services of a Boston IT consulting company please contact Internet & Telephone today.

Client Testimonial

“Switching to Internet & Telephone has been outstanding for my company. Their technicians quickly and effectively solved all of the networking and work-station issues we were encountering before.

I am very satisfied with the level of service I have received from Internet & Telephone. Their ability to quickly respond to my company’s issues is a great improvement over our last provider. We now rely on Internet & Telephone for all of our IT needs, and I would recommend Internet & Telephone to anyone.”

Dave Baeder
OpenBox Technologies
Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Five Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing an IT Managed Services Provider

This eBook is for you if:

  • You are searching for a managed services provider that fits your business, but not sure where to start
  • You are a small business wondering if you can benefit from managed services
  • You are a medium business with growing security challenges
  • You want to find a managed services provider that is a partner, not just a vendor
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