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Author: MJ Shoer

An Important Letter To The Executive Or Manager
Looking For A New IT Support Company

Dear Fellow Executive or Manager,

You are about to TRUST someone with one of the most important operational decisions for your business: Who should have access to and support, secure and maintain your company’s critical data and IT systems?

This decision, if mishandled or granted to the wrong person, could turn into a number of time-consuming, costly and irritating problems for you, including endless technical “glitches,” extended downtime, errors, slowness and possibly even critical data loss or security breaches. If you don’t want that kind of stress in your life, then you should ONLY call Jenaly Technology Group.

However, we are not a right fit for everyone. Therefore, in the spirit of saving time for both of us, I submit to you the following checklist to help you identify if our services would be ideal for you…or not. The following are the types of people who seek us out and gain the greatest benefit from our services:

Exceptionally Busy Executive Of Successful, Fast-Growth Firms
Why? Because we know that with so many pressing deadlines and demands on your time, you need someone who will just get things done right and fast. In fact, that’s why our service plans are designed to take complete responsibility for everything IT-related in your business. Our #1 goal is to minimize your involvement in any technical problems and eliminate anything that would slow down productivity and progress. You won’t hear us telling you “that’s not our problem,” “we can’t handle that for you” or “you’ll have to call XYZ company to get that problem resolved.” We simply get it done and don’t quibble over who caused it or whose problem it is. If you’re the kind of Executive who just wants to have everything handled, we’re ideal for you. However, if you are the kind of person who wants to try to maintain part of your IT systems on your own to save a bit of money and only call us in when you run into a roadblock or problem you can’t resolve, then we won’t be an ideal fit for you.

Executives Who Want Things Done RIGHT, Not Cheap
Why? Our best clients are the ones who want things done RIGHT the first time so they don’t have to deal with do-overs and wasted time. They would rather invest a bit more in the right tools, technology and infrastructure up front than try to save every penny. That’s not to suggest that our best clients are foolish in their budgets and spending—just the opposite. They simply know that a quality system and the right plan are far more important than saving a couple of bucks.

Executives Who Want A Competent, Professional TEAM Supporting Them
Why? Because they hire and run their business with teams and appreciate our Team System for providing exceptional IT support. They know that the most dangerous number in business is “one.” They also know that no one person has the answer to every single problem, and that difficult problems are best solved when a highly competent and experienced team of professionals come together to resolve it.

Executives Who Know That There Must Be An Easier Way Of Doing Things
Why? Because you read in the trade journals, newspapers, blogs how your peers and mentors are using technology to do things better, easier and faster.  Are you questioning if your current provider even has an interest in your bottom line and cutting your expenses?  Do they continuously fix the same ploblem instead of recommending a more complete solution?


If we sound like a good fit for you, I encourage you to call our office and request a Free Roadmap and Assessment To A Highly Secure, Reliable IT System. This process will identify any inefficiencies and risks you may presently have and lay out a roadmap to resolve and stabilize your IT systems.  We will also present you with fixed price options to accomplish this and budget for your ongoing IT consulting and support, so there are no unpleasant surprises down the road. To secure this, simply call our office at (603) 431-7864, send an e-mail to info@jenaly.com or click here.

Dedicated to serving you,

MJ's Signature

MJ Shoer


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