Mergers and Acquisitions

Internet & Telephone Has Acquired Netway Communications and

The merger doubles the geographic reach of the existing NetWay wireless network and makes Internet & Telephone the largest wireless Internet Service Provider from the New Hampshire seacoast to the Merrimack Valley.

In 2004 Internet & Telephone, LLC announced its acquisition of Netway Communications and its subsidiary, The merger dramatically increases Internet & Telephone's wireless network – extending its reach from Maine to the Merrimack Valley. Netway and MDC clients can now take advantage of a product spectrum that includes internet service, local phone service, and long distance service. The combined company will continue to be known as Internet & Telephone.

Netway Communications was founded in 1995 as the first ISP in the Merrimack Valley and the 4th ISP in Massachusetts. Netway and MDC Internet had previously acquired three ISPs, including Bicnet (, AICS Communications (, and RCLink ( Netway has provided broadband, high speed internet, dial-up, and web hosting services to more than 10,000 clients located in Boston and the Merrimack Valley.

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